Hello World!

Here it is, the first post.

This blog is dedicated to the inspiring musicians who commit their lives to music, while being true to themselves, not being afraid to feel and creating music in the process. I plan to write about artists and genres I’m currently interested in, although I will deviate from time to time to expand the content here and keep things fresh. I tend to gravitate towards female vocalists, so don’t be surprised if you notice a trend forming, but we’ll see what happens.

FKA Twigs at the Metro in Chicago on November 13, 2014

Artists like FKA Twigs have been a huge inspiration for me.

You may start to see who my favorites are and what I generally like, but I don’t want to make this a shrine to only a select few. I’ll save that for another blog, perhaps an eBook. I’ll cover concerts I go to, post videos of artists, and even interviews. Above all, what you’ll be seeing here the most, are posts about songs, albums and artists.

Thank you my friends for all your support and helping me get this off the ground!

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